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Frequently Asked Questions

-Is acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture is not painful when done correctly. You should feel very relaxed and peaceful during your treatment. Acpuncture stimulates endorphins and produces a state of lovley relaxation and peacefulness.

-Are the needles safe?

Yes. The needles are disposable, completely sterile and safe.

-How many treatments will I need?

This entirely depends on yout particupar condition and its duration and severity, but a good rule of thumb that I use is: try a few treatments and see how you are doing-at this time a re-evaluation can be done and a better analysis can be made. It is possible for acute problems that only a few treatments will be needed, or for chronic problems that more treatments over a longer period of time may be necessary.

-Payments and cancellations

I accept cash or check. Automobile personal injury patients are covered by insurance companies. Aetna & Writer's and Producer's Guild- Industry Health Fund covers 100% of office visits. Please give a 24-hour notice when it is possible, or as soon as you can.

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