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What people say:

"My knee is feeling really  great- I would say about a 75% improvement. I am very  relieved and very impressed. Mentally my energy is up  because of the pain relief. "
- Julie, Northampton

"Kiddo, you have kept me alive."
-- Bill, Amherst.

"It was the best leg massage I have ever had."
-- Milton. Amherst.

"I have tried so many different things for my digestion, it is the best."
-- Ann, Amherst

"It is so peaceful. I am relaxed already by just getting in here."
-- Warren, Sunderland.

"It was so relaxed. I alway felt good after the treatment."
-- Rosemary. Amherst.

"My back is getting much better, and I started the exercise, lost 1.5 pound."
-- Peter, Belchertown.

"I choose you because you do acupuncture, and herbs, and body work too."
-- Allison, Amherst.

"I would come in to get a treatment everyday if I could."
-- Nancy, Hadley.

"The herb really gave me more energy, I don't even need coffee."
-- Jennifer, Holyoke.

"My mother is doing so well. I shall have her to make the appointment by herself."
-- Mark, Boston.

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